Google Buzz. Sting!

Google Buzz has debuted with a lot of buzz itself. A few privacy concerns have popped up that Google has addressed here, and here.  Google Buzz has an advantage: A huge head start of users via Gmail. I envision Buzz  being a social aggregator nearing the awesomeness of what Friendfeed was before Facebook acquired them is. Currently it’s no where near real time which they will improve upon. Google has made Buzz a core product integrating it to its mobile site, Reader,  Gmail and even circumventing Latitude for a mobile location service.

It’s young, and has plenty of room to grow. But it’s already ages ahead of where Twitter and Facebook debuted. I think you’ll find yourself using it more and more as time goes on.

iPhone @ $99

In case you hadn’t heard, the iPhone is at $99 now. Which makes it the best phone you can afford now. Unless you only use your phone to make calls.

Blog-A-Day™ Status Report – January 22

This blog-a-day initiative has fallen apart recently. I think I’m an entire week behind. It’s hard to write everyday. Today in particular. I can’t think of anything of any substance that I want to talk about. I think it may be contributed to the fact I only had 3.5 hours of sleep last night.

If you don’t already, follow me on Twitter, and check out my link blog to the right. The links I share are often what I’m reading or interested in at the moment. The links are aggregated from my Google Reader shared items, my delicious, and my Vimeo likes.

I have received a few punishment suggestions for not updating. The top two, and only two are as follows:


Or to watch Britney: For The Record until I’m caught up.

So, if you have a better suggestion let me know.

This counts as a blog post.

Central Ohio Driving

Central Ohioans do not know how to drive when something is falling from the sky. While this may sound as a complaint, I think there should be a study comparing accidents, and driving behavior during rain and snow compared to other demographics. I have several friends (and while this may be anecdotal) from outside the Central Ohio area who claim drivers around here are idiots. I tend to agree.

by ahhyeah via Flickr.
by ahhyeah via Flickr

A couple of notes, and advice to people who will never read this and then I’ll leave this up for discussion.

SUVs do not make you invincible. Momentum and physics still exist in your four wheel drive monster. (I own a Jeep, and I can tell you, 4 wheels do not matter on ice).

One does not need to go 5 miles an hour to be safe. If the road is straight they will be fine.

Don’t ride my ass because you think I’m going too slow. I’m trying to avoid an accident, and so should you.

For you safe drivers that read this, do you tend to agree with Central Ohio being the bad driving capital of the midwest?

Radio Poll Results

Not that many of you responded. Is anyone reading? Here are the results to the poll I put up about Radios.

For the 6 of you who answered, you all listen to FM in the car. 1/3 listens to NPR. Hoorah. I think there needs to be some sort of new innovation in radio, but, I’m not a genius so I can’t think of what that innovation would be. I think it would be something to make it more interactive. Do any DJs have Twitter accounts?

Radio. Schmadio.

Radio. Do you listen to it anymore? Any type? I do. I love radio. It decides what I’m listening to. I signed up for an XM online radio account. They have some good stations. One of my faves is Hair Nation. It’s all 80’s hair bands music. Great music. I also have some quality classic music listening in there. XM has a pretty broad range that will allow you to expand your music listening.

I also have an app on my iPhone called WunderRadio. It aggregates several radio stations streams and let’s you play them on your phone.  They can be be from anywhere too. Most of my local radio stations are there. CNN and NPR are also listed. It also has police scanner channels and railroad channels, which allow me to be an old man. Clear Channel came out with their own radio streaming app called I :heart: Radio. It only had 12 stations when it first debuted. It’s slowly growing now. NPR has their own iPhone app out too.

I can’t wait to get XM on my iPhone. That will be sweet. Do you listen to any radio, or have you moved to podcasts and mp3s? I am curious.