Recently got to take the new iPhone 14 Pro Max out into a good photography moment of the Columbus skyline facing east during a sunset. If you zoom into the wide angle photo, you might exclaim “that’s a lot of pixels”.

Central Ohio Driving

Central Ohioans do not know how to drive when something is falling from the sky. While this may sound as a complaint, I think there should be a study comparing accidents, and driving behavior during rain and snow compared to other demographics. I have several friends (and while this may be anecdotal) from outside the Central Ohio area who claim drivers around here are idiots. I tend to agree.

by ahhyeah via Flickr.
by ahhyeah via Flickr

A couple of notes, and advice to people who will never read this and then I’ll leave this up for discussion.

SUVs do not make you invincible. Momentum and physics still exist in your four wheel drive monster. (I own a Jeep, and I can tell you, 4 wheels do not matter on ice).

One does not need to go 5 miles an hour to be safe. If the road is straight they will be fine.

Don’t ride my ass because you think I’m going too slow. I’m trying to avoid an accident, and so should you.

For you safe drivers that read this, do you tend to agree with Central Ohio being the bad driving capital of the midwest?