Jared Cherup is a web designer, photographer, and all around gentleman. He currently works as an IT professional, and attended both Ohio State University and Miami University before settling in the glorious city of Columbus, Ohio. He’s been running WyomingJarbo.com since 1999, and enjoys loud music, fast women, good beer, and making things explode. His hero is MacGyver… and don’t you forget it.

FACT: Jared once shaved his beard off, and was magically transported back to 2008 to learn his lesson. FACT.

Common places to find Jared include: parks, pizza places, lint museums, and his small and cramped kickass office. Jared is a world renowned Tetris champion*, so don’t even try playing him. He will crush you. And some say that late at night, when the moon is circling the Earth, you can hear him cursing at the Video Professor. You can contact Jared though various social media, but be warned: He WILL judge you based on what email address you use.

* Sources needed.

† Would it be doing anything else?’