The Jarbochov Weekly Roundup (January 21st, 2022)

Hello and welcome to the roundup this week. I’ve been trying to think of some new (and old) creative outlets I could work on, and I haven’t gotten traction. I have so many blog posts I’ve drafted to a point and stopped. Likewise, I almost didn’t write a roundup for today.

Activate weekly roundup cannon of justice and everlasting burritos for all of infinity GO!

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While snowflake has a negative connotation in modern American vernacular, snowflakes are actually pretty heckin cool! Check out this snowflake generator by Vivian Wu. It comes pretty close to capturing the real thing. Also, please teach your children that ALL snowflakes have three axises (six sides).

Source: Snowflake Generator

Some snowflakes I’ve been able to capture in my lifetime. Extremely lucky shots as they are hard to catch!