The Jarbochov Weekly Roundup (December 10th, 2021)

It’s already December 10th. The days are getting so short1. I have started thinking about what my next theme is for next year and things I’d like to do. This year has been kind of a mess. Have you started retrospecting upon the year?

Let’s get to that roundup action.

NES and SNES creator Masayuki Uemura dies at 78 – Polygon

Ukraine responds to rising tensions with Russia with a shitpost meme on Twitter

Do you think this will make the history books in a few decades?

The young centre of the Earth – NASA/ADS

I knew if you went to space in orbit you would be off by some microseconds but did you know the core of the Earth is 2 days in the past? I didn’t.

Here are Emojis to scale.

Emojis to scale


Twitch now works with SharePlay on the iPhone and iPad | Engadget

I’ve tried SharePlay. It’s one of those technologies that I think once it becomes more adopted you won’t realize how you lived without it. I wish it would have come a year sooner, but honestly it may have only existed because of the pandemic. Hoping some major streaming providers will enable it.

Car thieves are using AirTags too – Six Colors

Nothing to get worried about, but interesting as this was one of the worries was being tracked without knowing about it.

Video Games

Why Pocket Dungeon? – Yacht Club Games

Yacht Club Games is producing a puzzle game based on Shovel Knight (And it’s out next week!) This post goes into a ton of falling block puzzle games outside of your normal Tetris. You can almost read it as a history brief on the genre. I hope this inspiration pays off and the game is good.


How Bankrupt American Cities Stay Alive – Debt

I stumbled upon this YouTube via the ALGORITHM. These are the questions that are always in the back of my head. How do we scale before things get worse?

A huge nope from me .

The expert about snowflakes has a snowflake machine. I love it.

I am keeping it light this week. My brain needs a vacation. I hope you’re doing well and thanks for reading as always. Don’t forget to send your interesting finds my way. I haven’t seen the entire Internet.

  1. But those Niiiiiiightsss

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