The Jarbochov Weekly Roundup (January 21st, 2022)

Hello and welcome to the roundup this week. I’ve been trying to think of some new (and old) creative outlets I could work on, and I haven’t gotten traction. I have so many blog posts I’ve drafted to a point and stopped. Likewise, I almost didn’t write a roundup for today.

Activate weekly roundup cannon of justice and everlasting burritos for all of infinity GO!


Do you know how well emojis did in 2021, and which ones were the most popular? Now you can. Emoji Frequency comes direct from the Unicode Consortium. The biggest mover for 2021? 🥺

Make Frontend Shit Again

This is definitely an aesthetic.


Why Anti-Vaxxers, QAnon Influencers and White Nationalists are Flocking to Substack – ISD

The Subversive Genius of Extremely Slow Email – The Atlantic

The “slow internet” emerged as an idea in 2010, just as the combination of smartphones and broadband had become universal enough to make “extremely online” a default way of life. The movement arose largely on blogs—already a slower way of writing and reading than the social networks that would soon supplant them—and came amid a spate of interest in “slow cinema” and “slow food.” “It’s not just about being first and fast and superficial,” wrote the film critic Jim Emerson at the time; “it’s an opportunity to consider a spectrum of arguments and evidence.”

One item that respect enough is within iOS Screen Time it tracks know how many notifications you get from each app, and what app is used upon pickup. As a person who is online too much I do miss the slower style internet. Companies know attention is the new resource, and that’s seeped into every facet of life. Employers expect an immediate response. We all forget this wasn’t how the world was prior to smartphones. Also, did you get that email I sent you?


Carl Sagan testifying before Congress in 1985 on climate change

A couple of things of note here. How measured and calm the proceeding was, and… 1985 talking about climate change.

I really want to try this.

If you wanted to see the magic of creating Alligator Loki, one of the best CGI characters ever to exist. Pet Avengers when?

Roundup complete. Bye.

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