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In today’s age of the remix, some artists are putting their own touches and takes on some familiar classic works. No, not Shakespeare, but rather the classics of our generation: video games.

There are a ton of covers out there for video game music and plenty of awesome sites like OC Remix to find them. But few actually expand on those pieces and make them into something bigger and better.

I’ve recently come across two albums that have struck my fancy.

The first album that I can’t stop listening to is History Repeating: Blue from The Megas, a Mega Man cover band. This album is based on the music from Mega Man 3. Each track is from the perspective of either Mega Man or one of the Robot Masters. The Megas take each track and take elements of each stage song, and work it into something more lyrical and dynamic, and it works better than any other Mega Man cover I’ve heard. The first two tracks are especially awesome as part one leads into the title theme for part two. If you like Mega Man, you can’t miss this album.

The second album I recently discovered is Metroid Cinematica by Sam Dillard. This album takes tracks spanning nearly all of the Metroid games and weaves them into an epic film score. It reprises motifs and mixes tracks from all the games into an cinematic tale. It really makes me wish that Nintendo would evolve Metroid into the sci-fi universe it wants to be. It’s sad that Metroid Other M was meant to expand and build Samus’ character. This album does that more than that game ever will. Listen to this, and close your eyes. Imagine the Metroid movie that will never be.

That’s all from me. Let me know in the comments if you like the albums, and throw some money at these artists who truly love and appreciate the originals as you can hear it in their hard work.

Working on an Album

Jarbotronica Album Art

Jarbotronica Album Art

So a while back, I got this crazy idea that I was going to make an album. An album of chiptune music that I composed using Korg-DS10 and WarioWare DIY on DS or on my iPad.

I’ve currently made three tracks that I’m happy with. Their mostly what I call the “chase music” genre. These are certainly just the beginning. I haven’t composed anything in a while. This is mostly just a personal project, but I’d appreciate to hear what you think.


Time Choppin’

I imagined if Time Chopper was a video game. This would be from the first level… obviously:

Cut ‘Em Off at the Pass