Working on an Album

Jarbotronica Album Art

So a while back, I got this crazy idea that I was going to make an album. An album of chiptune music that I composed using Korg-DS10 and WarioWare DIY on DS or on my iPad.

I’ve currently made three tracks that I’m happy with. Their mostly what I call the “chase music” genre. These are certainly just the beginning. I haven’t composed anything in a while. This is mostly just a personal project, but I’d appreciate to hear what you think.


Time Choppin’

I imagined if Time Chopper was a video game. This would be from the first level… obviously:

Cut ‘Em Off at the Pass



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  1. I like Time Choppin’ the best, and I like Cut ‘Em Off at the Pass’s use of duel-speaker action. Switchin’ up left and right and such. It’s very Donky-Kong, but some of the parts I felt were a little convoluted. Time Choppin’ though, great stuff

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