Looks like the old website got hacked this past week. Still trying to determine why. My website was hosting a script to take visitors to a malware site. If you visited my site using Firefox or Google Chrome you were protected by a warning. For anybody else I apologize if anything happened. This is just a reminder that we all need to take proper precautions to everything we do online.

Looks for new content soon!


Making Progress

I’ve held off a bit on the updates. One major change has been to the feeds. You’ll notice two feeds to the right. The big one at the top is for this blog. That feed will only contain posts. The other feed is for the Link Blog. I used Yahoo Pipes to bring a few of my links together in once place. The Link blog is a combination of my del.icio.us, my Google Reader Shared items, and my likes on Vimeo for now.

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