Drop.io: The New Web Service You Didn’t Even Know You Wanted


Drop.io is a not necessarily a new website, but it’s new to you. Drop.io is a DEAD SIMPLE (I love/hate that term) file

sharing site on it’s face. But if you dig deeper Drop.io is quite possibly the most useful site I’ve stumbled upon in recent history.

Drop.io allows users to create drops to place files, links, posts, images, or anything else digital. To create a drop you can create your own moniker or it will assign a random one to you. You do not need to register or enter an email address to create a drop, and there is no limit on the number of drops you can create (as far as I’ve seen). I can’t stress the no registering part enough. You can start sharing files within seconds with no registration. Even better you can set the drop expiration date, so if you only need it for a day, it will be gone tomorrow.  You do not need to set permissions or settings (unless you want to, then you may set an administrator password for the drop for more advanced features).

In addition to all that awesomeness Drop.io has several other features to make it even more awesome. With any drop you are assigned a free conference line, voicemail box,  or fax drop. You can upload files via email (i.e. attachments). You can embed an upload form to any blog or website, to keep your drop hidden. You can upload audio to the drop and Drop.io will make it an automatic podcast for you with enclosure tags and an iTunes link. The voicemail feature assigns you a telephone number and an extension, you can call it and leave a message, which you can then download as an mp3, email, or embed in a website.

I am going on and on here, but there is tremendous wealth to all the features Drop.io has to offer. Best of all of this is… it’s free.  100 MBs per drop, but you can upgrade that if you are willing to dish out some dough.

Check out this video for more.

I love the internet.