Never Forget

As my first post on the, I thought it fitting to remember that today is the one year anniversary of a very important event – the Boston Aqua Teen Hunger Force Hoax Massacre. Okay… perhaps it wasn’t a massacre. But those “hoax devices” caused quite a disturbance. NEVER FORGET.

Enjoy this moving and emotional video montage.

Obscure Central Ohio

Until we actually go and adventure across the unknown nether regions of Ohio, I’m going to occasionally start posting some articles about Obscure Central Ohio. Starting with Little Pennsylvania Cemetery. This cemetery is found near Darby Creek Metro Park near 665. It features graves from the Civil War era to mid 1900s. It’s also colloquially known as Woolyburger Cemetery.

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You can find more information here: .

Additional Authors?

Would anyone like to help me post to this blog? I want to keep it fresh with a variety of things. Anything falling within “Geekdom” would be applicable? If so, comment here.

Facebook is the new Google?

This is the general opinion in the media: Facebook is the new Google. I’m not quite sure if I agree with this. The company is valuated at 14 billion dollars. Do they generate that much revenue? And how is the Facebook of today different than the MySpace of yesteryear, or the Friendster from years ago.

You may now discuss.

Making Progress

I’ve held off a bit on the updates. One major change has been to the feeds. You’ll notice two feeds to the right. The big one at the top is for this blog. That feed will only contain posts. The other feed is for the Link Blog. I used Yahoo Pipes to bring a few of my links together in once place. The Link blog is a combination of my, my Google Reader Shared items, and my likes on Vimeo for now.

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