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The Jarbochov Occasional Roundup (May 6th, 2022)

🎵It’s been 🎵… three weeks since my last roundup.

Within that time, I turned 40 years old. I might write about that later, but I’ve had trouble having a positive outlook lately. But rest assured, the roundup isn’t going anywhere. I’ve been trying to break out of habits.

Let’s get to a considerable sized (and free of charge) roundup!


God Damn America – by Jack Mirkinson – Discourse Blog

Alito’s draft opinion is the work of a gleeful theocratic, woman-hating vandal, eager to begin the court’s ultimate project: tearing down the broader civil rights framework that has been in place in this country for generations. He says that Roe should be scrapped because the right to an abortion is “not deeply rooted in the Nation’s history and traditions”—a byzantine litmus test that would wipe out just about every modern civil rights protection you can think of, given the nature of American history.

Obviously1 the focus now is that someone leaked this, and not the fact that this will affect so many people on such an invasive erasure of rights.

Twenty years later, Red Lobster still shudders at the thought of its all-you-can-eat snow crab legs disaster | Boing Boing

I feel like I heard about this at some point.

Contra Chrome

Since then, Chrome has become a vital part of Google’s core business, an advertising juggernaut that works by tracking users and their interests across the entire web. To better reflect the reality that “Google’s browser has become a threat to user privacy and the democratic process itself”, comic artist and activist Leah Elliott has cheekily created an updated comic book in the style of the original. She calls it Contra Chrome.

You are the product.

Speaking of which:


The Three Archetypes of Tetris – Simon Laroche

Someone finally explains the three pillars of Tetris.2 I really hope someday we’ll get official ports of Tetris The Grandmaster.

“Oreology” investigates mystery of why Oreo creme filling usually sticks to one side | Ars Technica

Science I can get behind.

Swarming drones autonomously navigate a dense forest (and chase a human) | TechCrunch

I remember watching when drones were getting popular, and when they did that coordinated drone stunt during the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics, and thinking how someday that this could drastically increase the chances of finding someone during a search and rescue operation. Well, it seems we’re moving toward that, albeit, with some scary possibilities with drones following people.

Social Media Usage by Age | FlowingData

I’m surprised Facebook is as high as it is for the 18-29 group. But I wonder if that’s like email, and how it’s almost necessary to talk to family via the worst website.

Wordle Iteration Roundup

Wordle still ripples through the collective minds of game designers. Redactle makes you feel like a private investigator as you type words to get to the truth of the document. It’s also very hard.

For your eyes only.
For your eyes only.



Searching for Friends is one of my absolute favorite tracks from all the Final Fantasy games. Within the game… (spoilers from a SNES game from the 1990s incoming) the main villain wins halfway through the game, becomes god, and destroys the world, breaking the continents apart. The party’s airship destroyed, the remaining team eventually find another one and work to rejoin the companions you made along the way before the cataclysm, and this sad but hopeful melody plays. Hearing it on piano is fantastic.

This arrangement won a Grammy for Best Arrangement – Instrumental or A Capella. Go Kirby!

This seems like a good retirement plan.

That’s all for this week. Please send me things you find interesting, even if they don’t make the roundup, I’m sure there’s interesting stuff I don’t see.

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  2. I was going to write something like this but I think this is better than what ever I would have drafted.

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