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The Jarbochov Weekly Roundup (April 15th, 2022)

As the old adage goes: a short roundup is better than no roundup at all.

Apologies for my absence last week, I was sick for half of it, and only captured a few things that made it to this week. Overall I’ve been spending less time on the Internet which is something I’m capable of I guess but that also means there’s less for the roundup.

Anyhow… Initiate Roundup Sequence.


Amtrak Is Streaming an Empty Railroad on Twitch to Beef With Freight Rail Companies

Hilarious yet demoralizing.

You have genres like roguelikes, I suggest we call this a wordlelike in my ongoing worldle roundup subsection.

Cloudle | Cogit

A guessing game of forecasting at a location in six tries.

Fascinating that we use basically the same strategy, especially the ditches to thwart attackers.

This channel has many great videos showcasing the wonderful and fantastical worlds that video games provide.

(See Also: Tiny Breath of the Wild | Tilt Shift)

Quite possibly the best use of 3D printing.

Del Monte note

The Del Monte note is a misprinted U.S. twenty-dollar bill on which a multicolored Del Monte sticker appears next to Andrew Jackson‘s portrait.


Color me impressed.


Lord of the Rings Trilogy but it’s EVERY scene where two female characters interact


That’s all this week. Again if anyone finds some gems, please send them my way. Now I’m going to go back to Elden Ring.

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