The Jarbochov Weekly Roundup (November 19th, 2021)

Hello readers! I finally upgraded my computer after eight years, and I have to tell you, I am so happy with it. It’s really remarkable how seamless the transition from one Apple computer to another is. Regarding other technologies I’ve used, I can’t say I’ve experienced many going that well. Each computer I’ve had I assign to an era1. I’ve created so many things and written so many words during this past one. Here’s to more of that (only faster)!

It’s time for another roundup! Let’s slam it on in there.


Russia may have just shot down its own satellite, creating a huge debris cloud | Ars Technica

So Russia is just shooting missiles into space now.

Why Health-Care Workers Are Quitting in Droves – The Atlantic

It’s hard to read these stories and not think we’re going to be in for some sort of reckoning in the future.


Top 200 Most Common Password List 2021

This pains me so much. Might be a good time to invest in a password manager if you don’t.

Microsoft making Windows 11’s BSOD blue again

I feel like this screen should come a number to an anger management hotline.

Firefox Relay offers unlimited email aliases as part of its new premium plan

I like how Mozilla and Apple (two of the most privacy focused companies) are doing things to protect your email address.

Tweetbot 6.6 Gets Support for Creating Polls, Limiting Who Can Reply to Tweets

The world of third party Twitter apps is still on the rise. Will Twitter remain committed to its new API and decentralization?

Video Games

Why modern consoles can’t just “run any… older executable”

“My hope (and I think I have to present it that way as of now) is as an industry we’d work on legal emulation that allowed modern hardware to run any (within reason) older executable allowing someone to play any game,”

This quote from Phil Spencer is hopeful, and hopefully not just an empty statement. Microsoft (to my chagrin) has been the most dedicated in the world of backward compatibility. Sony gave up after the PS3, and Nintendo seemingly has no real strategy apart from finding a way to resell the same games each generation2.

The problem is licensing. It’s always licensing.

This game looks adorable and like a cross of Pikmin and Where the Wild Things Are.


Why the Toilet Needs an Upgrade | WIRED – YouTube

You know how we slowly migrated lightbulbs to CFL, and then to LED technology? How long until we upgrade toilet technology? And how many people will be resistant to it?

Trees are so neat.

Pet Avengers When!?

That is all this week. Thanks for the support on the social medias. I’m glad some of you are enjoying these. I will be taking off next week to enjoy the holiday. I may have something else here, but no promises.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and have time to spend with loved ones and take some time to rest and recharge.

  1. I’ll definitely remember the beginning of this era, as the power went out as I was transferring between computers.
  2. See!? I can be critical of Nintendo sometimes.

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