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The Jarbochov Weekly Roundup (November 12th, 2021)

Hello there. It’s Friday once again.

I don’t have anything personal to report. I did come across this for a book I was interested in. If that isn’t some persuasive passive aggressiveness I don’t know what is.

I shall now always refer to it as the "Dirty Bezos" method.
I shall now always refer to it as the “Dirty Bezos” method.

Time to dive into the swamp of the roundup.


Unity Is Buying Weta Digital for $1.6 Billion

This is a demonstration on how video games are a larger industry than film. Weta the visual effects team will be spun off and continue to do their own thing.

This reddit thread has a bunch of favorite TV show running gags. I saw several of my favorites. What’s yours?

Instagram Brings Back Twitter Card Preview Support

Does it even matter now? I’m glad that this is no longer a thing, but this was such a demonstration of how the Internet was going to be when this decision was made.


I love Adam Savage. I really miss Mythbusters.

Why The American Car Fleet Is Getting So Old

We’ve made better cars, which is a good thing, but technology is outpacing the need. Car subscriptions are a thing apparently.

This video made me think about the pace of technology. There are some very good technologies that have been introduced in the past ten years (exceedingly great battery range for EVs) but is the pace sustainable? I don’t know the answer.

This has to be some of the best work in Animal Crossing working within the constraints of its customization. I was pretty impressed with some of the forced perspective work done here. It doesn’t inspire me to try it on my own, but I do like it.


Now you can patiently stack rocks virtually.

Saturday Afternoon Ikea Trip Simulator

Don’t be surprised if this takes you a while. It made me think about my last trip to IKEA and how I was just going to run in and out to get a few things. Spoiler: It was not a quick trip.

That’s all this week. I’ll try to make the next roundup more exciting. Bye.

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