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The Jarbochov Weekly Roundup (October 1st, 2021)

I just looked and realized I started this in July, and now it’s October! The year is speeding up and the days are getting shorter.

Meal-Morial Madness

Would you believe I was in the news this week? The Mid Ohio Food Collective reached out to me last week to see if I’d interview with NBC4 about our work on Meal-Morial Madness. If you’re new to the Roundup and don’t know what that is, head on over to Four Score & Seven Pongs Ago. We’ve held a fundraising video game marathon the last two years and raised money for local food banks.

Everyone has asked me “what’s next?” and I don’t have answers for you yet. One of the lessons I learned from this year was asking for help before I had clearly defined that help. We had also so much crammed into the week right before the event. So I’ve been working on some items for planning. I also want to continue to note that this took a bunch of planning and scheduling thanks my dear1 friends that were able to take time out of their lives whether that was making things, doing social media, running tech, or not getting any sleep the day of the event. If you are interested in any way in helping for the NEXT THING™ get in touch. Also please join our Discord where our community remains active every day.

Thank you everyone for your support it really means a lot to me and this is one of the greatest things I’ve been a part of. I have no intent of resting on my laurels and my resolve is to aim higher.


Health workers get panic buttons as COVID deniers get violent | Ars Technica

Early last year we as a nation praised the heroic work of our frontline workers. Now, it just seems terrifying that these measures need to be put in place for something we now have tools to prevent.
A depressing, chilling, and aggravating story


The truth about cats’ and dogs’ environmental impact | UCLA

If Americans’ 163 million Fidos and Felixes comprised a separate country, their fluffy nation would rank fifth in global meat consumption

Your pet is contributing to climate change. Time for a lecture. This statistic caught me off guard.

NBC demanded that YouTube TV bundle Peacock or lose access to NBC channels

Apparently Peacock isn’t catching on like wildfire. But it has the Office you guys.

Flickr has started a new nonprofit in support of renewing and maintaining the Flickr Commons.

The Flickr Commons program was launched in 2008 and has become a unique collection of historical photography shared with the Flickr community by 114 cultural institutions around the world.

Ever since the SmugMug acquisition their commitment to updating and improving Flickr has been great. It’s a fantastic place for photography, Instagram be damned2.


This is a fun video but it hits a real issue. Hiding/blaming things on “the algorithm” is dangerous and ill-natured. Algorithms (and any metric or formula) we use to track and make decisions have lasting real world impact and are always made by humans. Being data driven is only useful if you can succinctly explain in detail how that data was generated and calculated3.

Why Hold Music Sounds Worse Now

One time I distorted Mega Man 3 orchestral music and made it into hold music… It sounded too good as hold music until I took the bitrate WAY DOWN.


The Insert Credit podcast had an interesting discussion on trigger warnings and their existence and how they may affect spoilers. But they did point to the website in which you can determine if a dog dies along with many other traumatic instances in media.

That is all from me this week. I hope you have a great weekend. And remember, everyone needs a 12 foot skeleton in their lives.

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