The Console Wars 2013

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It’s too early to determine which console will be superior this next generation. There’s only so much take so much away from all the marketing each company has pumped out. I don’t think the XBOX One will be a bad product, but I think the higher price point, and inconsistent messaging will hurt them at launch. Microsoft has changed several policies and plans, but only after tremendous outcry from gamers. That’s good for consumers, but as a company they played it off like they didn’t know any of these issues were going to be such a big deal even though everyone had been speculating it well before the announcement. Basically Microsoft hasn’t managed their core audience’s desires with pushing the console for a broader appeal.

Both systems are actually incredibly similar. The only thing in my mind that separates the two is that Microsoft has the Kinect and more content providers. On the other hand Sony has done a better job promoting indie developers.

It’s all up in the air, and I don’t think anyone can say one will be better than the other at this point in the game. Consumers will decide that.

As for me, I haven’t decided if I’m getting one at launch. It’s going to be a pretty Nintendo heavy year this holiday ({cricket sounds} that’s another story) and I should have plenty to play.

If I do get a system at launch, it will be the PS4. Plus Sony has announced that digitally downloaded games will be available for a cross-discount (from PS3 to PS4) which is all I was ever really concerned about. I don’t want to buy all my pinball tables over again at full price. Cross-buy with the Vita doesn’t hurt either. But that’s just me.

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