Upcoming New Segment: Cheap Cheap Gaming

Gaming on the Cheap

I like video games. You may like video games. However, it’s not always easy to afford gaming especially nowadays. That’s why I’ll have an upcoming regular feature on my blog called Cheap Cheap Gaming. It’s really easy and affordable to play a generation behind on gaming consoles. There are tons of great games for the PS2, Gamecube, and PC that you can find quite affordable. Hidden gems if you will. So if your interested, I’ll whisk you away to 5 years ago (and before), when the world was simpler, the grass was greener, and double jumping was NEW!

Stay tuned!

Google Buzz. Sting!

Google Buzz has debuted with a lot of buzz itself. A few privacy concerns have popped up that Google has addressed here, and here.  Google Buzz has an advantage: A huge head start of users via Gmail. I envision Buzz  being a social aggregator nearing the awesomeness of what Friendfeed was before Facebook acquired them is. Currently it’s no where near real time which they will improve upon. Google has made Buzz a core product integrating it to its mobile site, Reader,  Gmail and even circumventing Latitude for a mobile location service.

It’s young, and has plenty of room to grow. But it’s already ages ahead of where Twitter and Facebook debuted. I think you’ll find yourself using it more and more as time goes on.