Guitar Hero World Tour

I love me some music rhythm games. I had a tedious debate whether to get Guitar Hero or Rock Band for my simulated band rocking out experience. I finally picked up Guitar Hero World Tour for the Wii. It’s got a good selection of songs, and it’s classic guitar hero awesomeness. I am a little peeved because I bought the game by itself instead of the complete band kit. I wanted to get the drum kit and the microphone seperate, however, I don’t know where to find them. They sell them separate right?

The Wii version also requires a Wiimote for each added peripheral , which means I need 2 additional wiimotes. So in the end the whole band experience is going to cost some money. I like just the guitar experience so it’s good for me, but having more people in on the fun will be better.

I’ve played both Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band. I like the execution in Guitar Hero. It’s easier to hit the notes in time I think.
What do you do for your inner rockstar?

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