Valve, creator of Half-Life… and Half-Life 2 is releasing a very neat game with the release of Half-Life 2: Episode Two later this year. It’s called Portal. Very basically, you have a gun that allows you to create portals. But check out the video below to see how complex this could get on the Steam Engine.

The Internet Is A Series of Tubes

Are you not aware of this? Apparently the Internet is a series of tubes where massive amount of content are pushed through. Maybe Drano would make it faster.

Senator Ted Stevens, who is the head of the Senate committee that oversees regulation of the Internet had some pretty concerning things to say about the Internet, especially coming from… the head of the committee that oversees regulation of the Internet.

The transcript is here.

Maybe in the future we’ll live in a technocracy and not a dumbocracy. (One of those words is real.)

Apologies Only Go So Far

So, I took my usual Summer hiatus away from updating my website. Now it’s time to get some stuff into motion. I will have the results of the Will You By A Wii? poll soon. I will also be working on the Scenic View Is Closed project with Erica, I’m not sure when the release date will be but you can expect something pretty cool. Also please please please check out the link blog over there —–> to the right when you have time. It’s just going to be a collection of things I feel you should at least look at on the internet. You can also view those posts on my del.icio.us acct. Now I give you a subject: Rhode Island. It’s neither a road or an island… discuss!