Seriously, Some Input?

I’ve been planning another redesign for the site. This time it would be a little more major. But seriously I need some input. What do you like about the site? What don’t you like? What would you like to see? That sort of thing. Please comment, I need some direction and maybe your guidance will lead me to some new projects (which should obviously be a podcast… get on me to do that). So let the commenting begin!

Sloth Searches

One of my most random photoshop projects to date, has also been the most popular amongest internet image searches. My website gets tons of hits for sloth searches. 191 for the month of April alone. My image with the sloth has had over 10 myspace appearances alone such as this one (scroll down the comments).

Also of note. The infamous “How To Make A Dry Ice Bomb” video has had 21021 views and 333 downloads on Google Video to date. And that video has been around for quite sometime before Google Video.

It just makes me wonder, what can I do next?