The Weekly Jarbochov Roundup [Not So Weekly Edition] (September 2nd, 2022)

Hello loyal readers of the roundup. Today’s roundup is part putting things off and also somewhat of a dry Internet well. This is all from the last three weeks or so1. We’re in September, and Autumn is lurking in the shadows of our hearts. So grab a PSL, get your ass cozy, and let’s go to the roundup.

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It’s been a while since I just did a normal blog post. My Roundup fame has taken me to new heights of internet content producing. I have moved the roundups to their own section with the intent that this may encourage me to post other types of things. Such as more frequent smaller things like using the aside post format in WordPress, which I feel was the original intent.

I recently got the Playdate from Panic and have really enjoyed just looking at it. It’s the perfect desk companion. I can’t wait for the dock.

I have 98% written a review of a few games I’ve completed recently. So I may post that here soon.