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Flickr Requires Yahoo! Login

We were warned with the acquisition that this would happen, but now there is a deadline set in March. The funny thing is the large opposition to this requirement. People (like me) aren’t too happy switching to a Yahoo! ID. I’ve always been a fan of the email address login scheme. Flickr although owned by Yahoo is not integrated with Yahoo in any significant way making the login change kind of dumb. But Flickr is the best photo sharing website out there. Now only if they would add subsets this decade.

Firefox 2

Mozilla has finally released the next version of Firefox (right after Microsoft released Internet Explorer 7). At first glance it’s not a major change, but there’s a lot under the hood. Some worthy features include that by default all new windows open in tabs, which I think will give the novice web surfer a new way to browse the web that they will like. Also there’s an inline spell checker for any forms you are inputting (for example, livejournal, blogger, etc). You can now search text in forms. For a complete feature list click here.

Firefox 2

Google Buys YouTube?

It’s official. Out of all of Google’s acquisitions this one makes the least sense to me. Google buying Flickr made sense… but they didn’t do that. Google buying Keyhole and turning it into Google Earth made sense. But why YouTube, when they already have Google Video. I assume it’s for the revenue it will make from an already established name, and for its community (of which Google Video has none). Any thoughts on this one?

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