How To Make A Dry Ice Bomb Love

Making dry ice bombs is something that me and my partner in crime Mr. Mark Zimmerman have always been known for. We were featured on Boing Boing back in June. I normally read that blog through Google Reader and I saw a picture of Mark and when I realized the blog I was reading I was like, “No way!”.

I would just like to let you know at this point in time the “How To Make A Dry Ice Bomb” video has been viewed 190482 times on Google Video and 15,836 on iFilm.

Also there is a wikipedia article for Dry Ice Bomb that features a link to our video.

I also made a how to make a dry ice bomb t-shirt for the hell of it.

I’ve received numerous (a few) emails on where to obtain dry ice. There are some places that sell it for packaging. Some ice cream stores sell it such as Graeters. Some Meijers here in Columbus, OH sell it.

If you have any questions please post them in the WyomingJarbo Google Group. I would just like to claim that dry ice bombs are not as dangerous as some people would have you believe. They are no where near as dangerous as fireworks or actual explosives. As long as you have your head and body out of harms way you will not be hurt. But as with anything that explodes, you still do need to be smart. Do not make dry ice bombs in public areas, someone could get hurt. There are claims of shrapnel that we never observed. The claim that the bottle breaks apart in to little sharp pieces is not true. Generally the bottle blows open from the side leaving the bottle in one piece (with possibly the cap or a chunk blowing off ), although this leaves the bottle mangled. And if you were so inclined to set one off, I would set one off in an OPEN area.

Does anyone want to share some of their favorite dry ice memories? Let us know what you would like to see in our sequel!

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