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Further Down The Tetris Rabbit Hole

I recently bought a Tetris Chicken McNugget that I imported from China. You can read more about it here.

Should have I bought this? Probably not. But it’s a just a weird piece of memorabilia.

An outline of its best features:

  • 13×9 square playfield (instead of the standard 20×10)
  • the most tinny intro music of Korobeiniki ever produced1
  • it’s a chicken McNugget that plays Tetris

Next up on my most desired Tetris versions, Tetris 642 for the Nintendo 64 only produced in Japan. It used a bio sensor to measure the players heart rate.

  1. I’m pretty sure a McDonalds drive thru has better audio fidelity.
  2. No, not Tetrisphere.

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