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The Jarbochov Weekly Roundup (June 17th, 2022)

Hello. *Slaps the top of the roundup engine* Looks like we’re back in weekly mode1.

My brain is kind of off the rails this week, as the week flew by. We were hit with some massive power outages in Central Ohio over Tuesday and Wednesday and since I work from home2, it definitely impacted me. I couldn’t even relocated to the Panera nearby because they were out of power too.

This week’s roundup is short, but buttery soft…

Okay, I’ll stop. Hit it Jimmy3!


The Web’s Timeline

With the death of Internet Explorer4 it’s nice to go back and see the humble beginnings of the Internet before it was monetized and relegated to walled gardens. That Internet is still out there, it’s not as noisy as everything else.

Discord has now added text channels integrated into voice channels. A good example of emergent usage turning into a feature. I setup dedicated voice-txt channels because sometimes you can’t send a link with your voice5.

Google places engineer on leave after he claims group’s chatbot is “sentient” | Ars Technica

Melanie Mitchell, author of Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Thinking Humans, wrote on Twitter: “It’s been known for forever that humans are predisposed to anthropomorphize even with only the shallowest of signals . . . Google engineers are human too, and not immune.”

I’ve been a bot all along.

Source: [Supercell thunderstorm exploding over Chicago this afternoon : WeatherGifs]
Source: [Supercell thunderstorm exploding over Chicago this afternoon : WeatherGifs]

Time lapse of some of the storms that popped up earlier this week and caused massive damage.

Now you can track all the satellites in orbit for fun using CelesTrak. Including the MuskNet6.


Kevin Conroy’s Batman DC Pride Story Is Necessary Queer Rage

“Right now, we are seeing an unprecedented amount of aniti-LGBTQ+ legislation being introduced all across the country,” Maines’ foreword reads in part. “Lawmakers in a chilling number of states have made their message clear: young queer kids are public enemy number one, and they are wrong for being who they are. But seeing a proud queer person don a cape can inspire hope and tear that message down.”

On my reading list for this weekend. Kevin Conroy has been and will always be The Batman.

Conroy pens “Finding Batman”—illustrated and colored by J. Bone, and featuring lettering from Aditya Bidikar—as an introspective, haunting essay of his life as a gay man. From his childhood family traumas, balancing staying in the closet with a deteriorating marriage between his mother and father, through his struggles as a young actor told to deny his identity for the sake of his career—a career beginning as the AIDs crisis emerged, killing a generation of Conroy’s friends and associates—and to the very moment he found his voice for Batman.


Tenacious D × The Who = ❤️

“Take the battle between cartridges and cassettes, it confused the consumer mightily”

That’s it! I need to get to working on that Meal-Morial Madness VOD business and fighting a copyright takedown on YouTube. Have a safe cool weekend.

  1. For now.

  3. Jimmy is the new roundup intern here at RoundupHQ.
  4. One that’s well overdue.
  5. I don’t know, maybe you could, if it wasn’t long. But you definitely can’t send a picture with your voice. WAIT? You can do that too!?
  6. Feel free to use that elsewhere.

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