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The Jarbochov Weekly Roundup (May 13th, 2022)

Hello and welcome to another roundup. I told you I would be back1. Happy Friday the 13th!3 This one will be short, sweet, and wondering if you read a roundup at all.


I love when a plan comes together. They’ve been working on this for over a year, but they’ve reached the limit of what they can do with law enforcement.

See also Jim Browning’s hack of scammers using their CCTV to see their reactions.

The sea shanty thing is overdone, but I’m a sucker for people hacking fish on walls.

Just look at that “portable computer” and resolution. “My spreadsheet doesn’t do that.”


AT&T Now Using Device GPS Location for 911 Call Routing – MacRumors

It’s really baffling (but also understandable given the hurdles) that this wasn’t a thing until 2022. Imagine thinking of this 20 years ago. Hopefully, this saves countless lives.

Ack! I’m glad we’re mostly past the additional accessory phase of video game history. But I lived through it. “You know what your Game Boy needs… an AC adapter for a stereo speaker system”.

Are you the asshole?

Through the power of AI, you can now share a story and determine once and for all if you are the asshole.

Noto: A Typeface for the World

Google has developed a typeface called Noto that seemingly includes every single character and symbol used for writing in the history of the world. I mean, look at all these different options: Korean, Bengali, Emoji, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Coptic, Old Hungarian, Cuneiform, Linear B, Osage, and literally dozens more.

This is pretty cool, especially an option for emojis in a monochrome (and different weights too!)

Video Games

Finally, a video game for all the cryptid enthusiasts!

That’s it. Have fantastic weekend!

  1. The Jarbochov Guarantee 2
  2. The Jarbochov Guarantee only guarantees the inevitable heat death of the universe… and unsponsored promotions of Nintendo.
  3. oooooh……..oooohh… it’s spooky

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