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The Jarbochov Weekly Roundup (March 4th, 2022)

I took last week off. Right now it’s hard to watch as the world follows on social media a war in realtime on their phones. I hope you are doing okay, here is a collection of things that will hopefully distract you for a while.


Miscellanea: Understanding the War in Ukraine – A Collection of Unmitigated Pedantry

In case you missed my post on social media last week, this is worth the read.

Why Russia is Invading Ukraine

Not seeing much on this in the reporting, but this seems plausible.


Facebook is shutting down its college student-only social network, Campus

Facebook had a college student-only social network called Campus? I’m sure trying to get back to their “roots” was a hopeful quest to show that they are still relevant and hip… which Facebook cannot be.

Goodreads lost all of my reviews

Goodreads has been in decline ever since Amazon bought them in 2013. Apparently an anti-competitive purchase, not a strategic acquisition.

This is one of the reasons I left Evernote last year. While I did have access to my data to export, the shape that data was in was not usable without manipulation1. Always have backups of what’s important to you. I looked and Goodreads does have a JSON export of data stored, but that only helps when they haven’t lost all of your data.


Last week Platinum Games2 debuted a game called Sol Cresta which is a sequel to some very early shoot ’em up games in Arcades. This is a nice retrospective on the series and how Platinum honored the series history whilst putting their own Platinum spin on it. I’ve enjoyed the game quite a bit. It’s like The Wonderful 101 crossed with a shmup.

Wordle Persists

Wordle For Netscape

Word-O: For Game Boy

Has there been a Wordle roundup yet?

The Internet Visualized

Here is a Map of Reddit. Be careful of that southern island, it’s NSFW.

Wilderness Land

A neat little interactive map of obscure finds on the Internet.

I don’t know how many dreams I’ve had about finding secret rooms.


Doctor Who… Niiights

That’s all this week. Here’s to Spring! See ya next time.

  1. Oh great, he’s going to talk about Obsidian isn’t he?
  2. One of my favorite developers.

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