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The Jarbochov Weekly Roundup (February 11th, 2022)

It’s going to be super brief this week.

So… Let’s a go!

YouTube (& Vimeo)

Here’s a video about how to cut every cheese. A video that my wife described as “This may be the greatest video ever recorded.”

(h/t to scottpack in our 4Score7Pongs Discord)


Little Caesars dared to make a Batman-shaped calzony – Polygon

Yeah, so this exists.

Leave it to @McBoat in our Discord to draw the inevitable conclusion.

Credit: McBoat
Credit: McBoat

Some Wordle players lost streaks or stats when it moved to the NYT | Rock Paper Shotgun

The Big Short of Streaming – by Damon Krukowski

“Spotify is not a music company.”

I think the discussions around platforms (digital) giving platforms to people that don’t have accountability are important ones to have. I also think that Trevor Noah encapsulated exactly what’s happening with Joe Rogan.

Video Games

I found another Tetris inspired brain breaking game called Angularis.

My brain only thinks in right angles!

Nintendo announced a sequel Mario Strikers 15 years later. I’m excited.

The intro for the last game in the series is something that really shows the over the top action with Mario and friends.

I love this game so much.

That’s all this week.

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