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The Jarbochov Weekly Roundup (October 22nd, 2021)

October is moving at a crazy pace, and daylight is decreasing as well. In a few more weeks it will certainly start feeling like the end of the year.

Let’s get to the thing.


Florida Worker Applied to 60 Entry-Level Jobs, Got One Interview

We keep hearing about the labor shortage. But perhaps it’s not just workers fault…

AMC Expands Its Open Film Captioning Support Across the U.S.

Inclusivity wins.

The future of remote work is text

I think people think they communicate better in person than via text. It’s probably why after you email someone they call you back for a 20 minute discussion about the email.

Internet Archive Gets DMCA Exemption To Help Archive Vintage Software

I knew there were video games on the Internet Archive, but I guess I didn’t realize they had a full fledged exception.

How Each Full Moon Got Its Name (and When to See Them)

The hunter’s moon got its name because October is a good month to hunt for meat for the coming winter. Deer call October’s moon the “Oh shit! They’re trying to kill us!” moon.


The REAL reason the US supply chain is backed up

I don’t think most systems are made for resiliency anymore.

Some gnarly playgrounds of decades past. Rubber mulch? Back in my day the gravel would soften your fall.

A bi-directional font that can be read forwards or backwards

You can now play the original DOOM via Twitter. And they say Skyrim is on everything.

Star Wars Paintings – Naci Caba Art

I really want to do that thing where you buy a painting at the thrift store and insert some geekdom into it.

That’s all this week. Have a great weekend!

One response to “The Jarbochov Weekly Roundup (October 22nd, 2021)”

  1. Lindsey Avatar

    I still love these
    I cleaned the cupboards and baseboards in the kitchen today while John read me the thing about that guy applying to all of those jobs and I was like, sounds right.
    That moon article was hilarious and “I apologize for the thing I said about your Mom” was gold.
    I feel like we could still find some of those playground features in my old neighborhood on the west side.
    You know I’m fucking down for some nerd shit in thrift store paintings!

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