The Jarbochov Weekly Roundup (October 15th, 2021)

I’m kind of all over the place this week. I’m eagerly awaiting the cooler weather and the leaves changing, so I can get out and take some photos, but I’m beginning to think that the leaves are going to fall off the trees overnight.

I’ve been reading numerous stories about how work is changing in America due to the pandemic. One thing that isn’t being addressed is how we treat people in grueling jobs like restaurants during this “Great Resignation” period. Tip well, and be patient.

This week started with Indigenous Peoples Day.

I think this is pretty poignant.
Keep in mind this land, not individual nations.

I wish we could just get rid of Columbus Day at this point. I mean, Columbus got a few cities named after him, and people don’t want to change Columbus to Flavortown for some reason.


How Slack Upended the Workplace – The Atlantic

Slack’s setup also provides spaces for employees to gather out of view of the big bosses. Technically, management can access private messages and channels under certain circumstances. But craftier employees move them onto Slack’s free version, where they can really speak freely.

I’ve been at an organization where we implemented Slack early on. It was liberating for many of the reasons listed in the article. It also had its problems. The value it brought in streamlining communication was truly eye-opening. Microsoft Teams is the corporate wannabe that lacks the character Slack had/has. Upsetting the traditional power structure of the organization scares managers, even if it’s for the betterment of everyone.

“Hacker X”—the American who built a pro-Trump fake news empire—unmasks himself | Ars Technica

“The new war is to wake up those who have been manipulated, while actively taking out the fake news campaigns,” writes Willis in a blog post. “COVID has shown me the deadly side of fake news and anti-vaccination people. After multiple conversations with my father, who refuses to wear a mask or get vaccinated, I was getting very concerned. I asked him what sites he would read the conspiracy-based things on, and he mentioned the website that ran the network I had built the machine on.”


Why the world is going crazy—and how to win back our minds

There are some good points in this video about our ability to keep up with the amount of change and information handed to us daily. It’s unprecedented and has no signs of slowing down.

What Dinosaurs ACTUALLY Looked Like?

The scale of what we don’t know. I have a poster in my living room with dinosaurs on it that reads “NEVER FORGET”. Because I think we forget the world before us was drastically different and almost as if it were out of a science fiction book. Also… when is science fiction going to modernize its depictions of dinosaurs? I’m looking at you Jurassic World.

PsBattle: 10 Year Anniversary

The PhotoshopBattles subreddit celebrates a 10 year anniversary, which just seems crazy. If you’ve never been, it’s a silly place.

True Facts: The Mosquito

More than you ever wanted to know about mosquitoes. “Start with your face if you eat me.”

That’s it this week. Thanks for reading as always. The spoopy season has begun! And while we weren’t able to bring a 12’ foot skeleton into our lives, we got a normal-sized one.

It was a long wait for Metroid Dread.

But take a look at this one:

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