The Jarbochov Weekly Roundup (September 17th, 2021)

Welcome to your final summer roundup. Can you believe that autumn is nigh? I have a weird personal relationship with fall. It has historically been one of my least favorite seasons, but, that’s changed in recent years. Could I express why in words? Not really. But don’t you worry, let the pumpkin spice flow!

Video Games

Digital Foundry has a wonderful retrospective of one of Nintendo’s mostly forgotten franchises: F-Zero. I think this is a great look at why this series still has a fanbase. There isn’t really a racer out there like it1. Did you know there are not one, but TWO F-Zero tracks in Mario Kart 8? Complete with F-Zero music, sound effects, and hazards?

The Interwebs2

Leaked documents reveal the special rules Facebook uses for 5.8M VIPs

Facebook had a 5.8 million person exception group. I’d say fairly confidently if your “exception” group in any context is over a thousand people you’ve got a problem. Good thing we don’t have to deal with misinformation in a global pandemic.

Microsoft has enabled passwordless authentication for Microsoft accounts. Google has kind of adopted this via its new MFA method. Is this the future? Time will tell.

Infographic: A World of Languages

Visual Capitalist has a very interesting infographic of the world’s languages. English isn’t the primary language, who knew?3

YouTube (& Vimeo)

Every Sport a Bowling Ball from Sam H. Buchanan on Vimeo.

A hilarious short film about every sport played with bowling balls.

One of the best shorts from Rifftrax is now available on YouTube. My wife and I reference this one quite a lot.

The World’s Smallest Cat

Have you ever wanted to run a blog entirely from a Google Spreadsheet? Now you can with Sheet Posting.

That’s all from me this week. I’ve put off reading and watching things lately, and I do want to write some more non-roundup stuff here in the future. I still need to finish my review of Skyward Sword. I am off for vacation4! Will there be a roundup next week? Who knows? I might have something else instead. I hope you’re doing well, and thanks for reading this.

  1. If you were going to say Wipeout, it’s similar but completely different.
  2. You see, it’s a series of tubes.
  3. Feeling a bit sarcastic today. Apologies.
  4. #beachjared

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  1. #3 every day hehehe
    I love that little cat!
    I’m not surprised by the FB news… although it does make me incredible surprised they booted Trump.
    Love how that article about Microsoft being password free sounded like one big ad for a password manager.
    Still need to watch the other movie things you posted because they look so cool. Thanks for posting the roundup! I’ll look forward to whatever you decide to write this upcoming week. Have fun being #beachjared

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