The Jarbochov Weekly Roundup (August 6th, 2021)

Hello and welcome to the second edition of your weekly roundup from yours truly. I’ve been continuing down my rabbit hole of working with Obsidian for note-taking. A recent feature shows a time-lapse of the connections built between your notes over time. Here’s mine:

Well that’s enough dilly-dallying let’s get to it!


Vox – The Problem of Corporate Solutions to Public Needs

It’s also hard not to wonder whether said rich guys shouldn’t just be taxed more, or why the US and the world are in a spot where private entities, whether it be Bill Gates’s charity or his company, are filling in such obvious public spaces.

Yes, it is hard to not wonder why rich guys aren’t taxed more. Also, I hope someone does some checks on those potholes Dominoes filled in.

What the ephemerality of the Web means for your hyperlinks – Columbia Journalism Review

Those hyperlinks you saved from 10 years ago have a very good chance of being dead now.


Have you ever wanted to play Pac-Man but instead of Pac-Man it was Cookie Monster and it was filled with a lot of “nom nom nom” and “COOKIES!” Well then, I bet you already know about this official Sesame Street Cookie Monster Pac-Man-like game.

For some recommend simulated chill car driving, I recommend Drive & Listen which lets you watch prerecorded footage of a car ride in many cities around the world while listening to live radio in that region.

In case you want to know what day of March 2020 it is, there’s always this handy calendar. If you know of other fun single-serving websites such as this, let me know, because I’m making a list.

Did You Know?

Did you know that Captain Carter in Marvel’s upcoming What If…? Dinsey+ show originated in Marvel Puzzle Quest of all places?

Video Games

Someone Made A Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Version Of Google Maps Street View

“OK Google, quickest route off the plateau.”

There’s a Tetris boardgame now. I would like to play this.

All four vertical play board included with Tetris, a new strategy board game.

Popular Culture

Cobra Kai season four is coming in December! I’ve never seen karate inserted into so many situations. It’s like Pokémon, but instead of Pokémon, everything revolves around karate.

Paramount+ is getting 14 South Park movies.

That’s a lot of South Park.

That’s all this week. If you have ideas of what you want you want to see here or have questions you demand answers to, comment below.

And if you got to the end: Thanks. I appreciate you and I think you’re great.

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