DLC = Downloadable Crap

I’m angry, why? Recently it was announced that Modern Warfare 2’s upcoming map pack would cost $15. Modern Warfare 2 itself costs $60.  And thanks to a new feature on Wolfram Alpha we can visualize the math here. Let’s give it a look.

With a little factorization, we come to the fraction, 1/4, or 25%. That’s right. Activision feels that this map pack consisting of 5 NEW MAPS!!! three new maps and 2 maps from the original Modern Warfare, are worth one quarter (another way of saying 1/4) of the game. People will still buy it, because the 16 maps included in MW2 get stale after a month or two.

DLC has become a joke. I can see why PC players resent console releases like these. They can mod their games and play any maps people have created for the game for FREE. Now don’t get me wrong, DLC has brought wonderous games like Braid, World of Goo, and Geometry Wars among several others. And DLC can make games better in rare (extremely rare) instances (i.e. Burnout Paradise). But when we are going to be charged for content that was originally part of the game, you can count me out. Game companies need to take the route of developers like Media Molecule, and Valve if the their consumers to come back again and again.

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  1. I’ll point to Rock Band as a DLC model that works. It’s a) cheap, and b) adds to the game. I now that’s not easy for some games as it is for RB, but that’s what it takes to be good DLC.

    I love full DLC games but don’t buy many DLC add-ons. I just think full games for $15 is much better than 3 add-on maps for $15. If anything, this type of move makes those $15 full DLC games even more attractive.

    Worst part is, as you said, MW2 players will buy that map pack and Act will make their money…then others will start doing the $15 add-on and beyond.

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