Jared Answers #1

You have asked now I will answer. Prepare to be shock and awe’d as you peer into the mind of dark slumber and awesomeness. … what?!

Jim Brochowski Asks:
When can we get together and have a beer?

Well Jim you give me a date, time and place, and I’ll be there.

Erica Asks:
What is your all-time, most favorite song ever? I have dated you for almost four years and yet somehow I don’t know the answer to that question. I know lots of songs that you LIKE, but I don’t know what your favorite one is. Does that make me a bad girlfriend?!

Most favorite song ever? I don’t really limit myself. I really like One by Metallica, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, and Albequerque by Weird Al. Check out my Last.fm for what I’m listening to. And yes that makes you a horrible girlfriend.

Chaser Asks:
Rank these potato preparations in order from your favorite to least favorite:

French fried, hash browned, baked, twice baked, au gratin, tater totted, potato chipped, and mashed (pillowy mounds of).

Baked, French Fried, Pillowy Mounds of Mashed Potatoes, Potatoes chipped, Twice baked, au gratin, hash browned, tater totted.

Lindsey Asks:
Do you ever get the urge to get naked and roll around in the snow?


Thanks for the questions. Ask me anytime on Twitter. I may have to do another one of these.

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