Stop Using Internet Explorer 6!

So, Internet Explorer 7 came out months ago. But a scary percentage of people still use IE6. They have it install on the computers here at my workplace. A group of people have started a website dedicated to upgrading peoples browsers so that compatibility is easier to achieve.

From Techcrunch:

“Which is why a group of them have created, an organization dedicated to making the Web a better place for developers (and thus for users as well). Web developers can grab a piece of code to put on their Websites which will detect if a visitor is using an outmoded browser (IE6, cough). When the offending browser is detected, a pop-down window will appear (assuming those aren’t blocked) which will direct the user to a page where they can upgrade to IE7, or the latest version of Firefox or Safari.”

Spread the message. I’ve just installed this website with the script. By the way this website looks like crap when viewed in IE6 anyway.

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