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Long time no post? Yeah. Will you look past it?

Here are two sites that will help organize some regular tasks in your life if you let them. Both are very innovative and boasting features you cannot find anywhere else.

Starting with Remember The Milk:

Remember The Milk is a to-do list website optimized for complete customization. It has several features that will help keep track from the littlest task to the largest project.

You can create just a normal to-do list. You can create categories, as well as tag each task individually. You can set re-occurrences, set locations (on Google Maps), due dates, estimated time to complete, priorities, notes, and urls for each individual task or by selecting a batch and applying those attributes.

Remember the Milk also has a week itinerary printout so you can see your tasks for that week and print them out It has feeds to output elsewhere and integration with Google Calendar. It even has a module for the Google Personalized Homepage.

But wait there’s more! Mobile support. Reminders by IM, email, or SMS (or all of the above). Groups, or sending tasks to a friend.

All of these things, and it’s free! It’s definitely an awesome service if you are into keeping yourself organized.


The next site is GrandCentral. (No not the subway station)

GrandCentral’s tagline is “one number for life”, meaning no more changing phone numbers. GrandCentral gives you a free phone number in your area code (or not in your area code if you want) that will forward to any phone you want. You can forward to all phones at once or to particular phones at certain times. You can also select an incoming phone # that you want directed to your cell number or home number, no matter what.

GrandCentral also throws in some pretty slick features on top of basic call forwarding.

You can:

  • Select any mp3 as your ringtone for incoming callers (even on an individual caller basis).
  • Access your voicemail on the website or phone, and download (as an mp3) it to archive.
  • Screen calls and send them to voicemail directly.
  • Even listen in as a caller leaves a voicemail and jump in if you want to speak to the caller.

You can even mark telemarketing numbers as spam so they will never ring your phone again (and they’ll never know). Add to that call recording, individual voicemail greetings per caller, switch phones mid-call, voicemail storage. Additionally you can forward, download, and add notes to your messages.

Meanwhile, this is keeping your real numbers private. You can see a record of each call on the website and the time the call was made.

All of this is free. They are in beta right now and the premium features (call recording) are free for now. They will always have a free service. This is almost something worth paying for as they develop. I would like to see an option to forward calls to a program like Skype, Gizmo, or Google Talk so you can answer right at your computer if you are there.

Hopefully you take a look at these sites, and I would love to hear your comments about them.

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