Nintendo Wii

Maybe it’s my nature to counter what everyone says about things that they don’t like. If you haven’t heard Nintendo has finally released the name of their next generation system. Nintendo Wii. Pronounced “We”. First off, I don’t care what you think about the name. Nintendo is taking a bold stand with a name that is going to be memorable. When you think about it you have GAMECUBE, PLAYSTATION, and XBOX. Playstation and XBox just like to throw numbers on it. So look at those words… you’ve got a Cube, Station, and a box. Along with Play and Game. There is absolutely no cool meanings to these names. It’s the gameplay experience that drives people to these consoles. Previous to these we had Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, and Nintendo (Entertainment Systems). Wow those are some astounding names. Honestly the Nintendo name became popluar from the games not the name.

Nintendo has said they’ve thought hard about the name. There are some simple reasons behind their name as well as some meaning behind it. First of all, people come in to stores all the time asking if they have “Mario for Playcube, or Halo for the Gamebox”. It happens more often than you think. Nintendo claims that this name is simple and original. No need for abbreviation. Simple.

The meaning behind the name is more about Nintendo’s new mission in gaming. They are trying to make games for everyone. They tailor to the hardcore as well as the new. The new controller is an example of making gaming more intuitive and fun. The downloading of memorable games from Nintendo’s past kindle our fond memories of the system. They are trying to make it for everyone, you and me. The two lower case “i”s look like people with heads. “Wii” will be for any language. Nintendo’s release of “Brain Age” for the DS has brought a wide crowd of older games to the DS. And we all know the DS is revolutionary, and much better than the PSP.

I know we thought Revolution was a cool name. But it was a code name. Much as Windows Vista was once referred to Windows Longhorn. That was a lame codename. We use things like Google, Yahoo, Flickr which all have odd names that we may not have liked at first. This system will be revolutionary. But I think with this step we can count on more revolutions to come from Nintendo going forward. Plus if they named it Revolution, would the next system be called Nintendo System To End Systems? No. So I would say for the naysayers to wait for the release. If you are a Nintendo fan, or not you will love this system.

Final thought:

Innovation, gameplay, and the fun that will come from the Nintendo Wii will probably be the best thing that’s happened to Nintendo in a while. The controller just seems like a great idea. Playstation and XBox are NOT innovative. They up graphics, and media capabilities of the systems. That’s IT!

So until we know more details this May, I’ll be thinking “Wiiiiiiiiiii”.


Update 4/29/06 -Sources I’ve read say that it will simply be known as Wii, not Nintendo Wii.

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