Endless Possibilities

It’s seriously amazing what you can do on the Internet these days. There’s at least a handful of sites for everything. I’m always trying new services, seeing what they do, how well they do it, and whether or not they continue to grow and compete. There are several video sharing sites, photo sharing sites, and a multitude of other social sites on the web. Here’s some things I think you should consider before adopting anyone of them.

Is the site one of the best you’ve seen?

An example of this would be comparing Hotmail to Gmail. Simplicity, controls, how is advertising (if existant) displayed on the site? People stick to Hotmail because it’s all they’ve known.

Who’s backing the site?

While not necessarily important as anything else, you can be sure that services provided by Google, Yahoo, MySpace etc are going to have the lasting power over startups. However, great startups get noticed and get funding to have the staying power and name recognition like the big names.

Is it open? Can you share your site/media/thoughts with the world. Is it easy? Do people have to sign up to view your content?

Most people don’t want to sign up for a multitude of accounts. And the ones they do sign up for are the ones most of their friends already have accounts for. There’s a downside to this. After signing up for one site, most people will not want to switch their account over to something else, regardless if it’s “better”. Having something that’s open, where you can move your content easily to another service is what we need, so that when something better comes along it will be almost painless to upgrade.

There is a lot going on with the Internet. Things are becoming free and easily accessible which allows you to open up a new world to share your thoughts, ideas, philosophy, humor, and anything else to practically everyone.

So my main point here is this.


There’s a bunch of great things out there, and if you don’t have the time or just lazy to experiment, there’s a lot going to waste. Don’t expect the status quo… expect more.

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