Myspace Messenger, Why?

Myspace just recently started a new instant messenger service. My question is why? You may wonder why I support Google Talk as a new instant message service, but not Myspace.

“It’s because it’s by Google, whooptie do”

Actually, the thing Google Talk is going for is interoperability and so far they’ve made progress. You can use Google Talk to communicate with several open networks like Earthlink, and the Gizmo Project .

Is the Myspace service going to be interoperable with AIM, YAHOO, and MSN? Most likely no.

Is Google Talk? Potentially. It’s going to take time, but I think we might see something in the next few years. Interoperability is important because that allows the user to choose any service they want and still be able to communicate with other users on other networks(think about email, cell phones, text messaging, shipping providers). Instant messaging has proved to be a major form of communication, so we don’t to have several closed networks. We need several open networks.

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