A Challenge

First off, to my loyal fans, do not misunderstand this as a plea or a begging. I see many people still are signing up for that ol’ Facebook, and the notorious MySpace. The challenge is, can anyone prove to me that these sites are:

A) Unique. Meaning, what do they offer that no site does better or mimics?
B) Worth Time. Why do I want to browse people’s profiles all day?
C) Not A Fad. Has anyone actually ever got anything useful out of these sites?

Now I must admit I was once a member of Facebook. I looked through the site before I started my rant on it. I deleted my account because numerous wanted to add me as a friend. I hadn’t spoken to many in years, and the others I never spoke to when I knew them. I must also admit I am a member of Orkut, Google’s social networking site. I am a member because it’s owned an operated by Google, not much more reason than that. I log in maybe every two weeks, and discover nothing is new. Erica claims that I will be sucked into MySpace… albeit regretfully, but I claim that I will not. I stand firm in my beliefs. So, with that, is anyone up to my challenge?

Note: Once after deleting my facebook account, Bill Vedra told me that everyone got free pie, money, and pandas on the day that I deleted my account. Was that true?

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