Spider-man 3

Hell Yeah
If you aren’t sure why Spider-man’s suit is black… you don’t deserve to live. However, if you do , then you know that this is a very good chance that VENOM will be featured in the third installment of the movie franchise. One word. Giddy.


GMail + Google Talk = Googletastic

The latest news from Google regarding it’s e-mail service GMail is that they are adding a web based chat into GMail. This isn’t going to be some lamer version of AIM Express or whatever they are calling it now. This means there is no software to load. It will be as quick as you’ve expected Google to be. Additionally, you will see a Quick Contact list inside of GMail to see who is currently on. While writing an e-mail to someone it will show you if that person is currently online, for speedily delivery of your message if need be.

Surprisingly Google is the first to try something like this. I’m sure it will be great. Google Talk will still be around for voice calls.

I almost forgot. The greatest feature to join this onslaught of Google Talk + Gmail is the remote archiving of chats. This is optional. You can enable the online archiving of your chats, and search them within GMail. I always archived my IMs using Gaim, but they always got wiped out due to hard drive reformats, and I never backed them up.

You can read more about all of this here.

Born On February 29th

Here’s a few calendar/event sites you should check out.

– The one that Yahoo! acquired. Good, but suprisingly lacking in features when it comes to listing public and private events.

30Boxes – A surprisingly good looking calendar. This would be great for personal use, and things you’d like to share with the world. This might be good until Google Calendar comes out.

– The most feature filled calendar site. It searches for events automatically, along with posted ones. You can create your own calendars, groups, venues, etc. Create automatic events (weekly, daily, etc.) It also has several privacy features, for members, and non-members. You decide what to share. You can also place calendars, venues, and anything else on your website or blog.

So theres that. Check them out, and pray Google Calendar will come soon.

A Challenge

First off, to my loyal fans, do not misunderstand this as a plea or a begging. I see many people still are signing up for that ol’ Facebook, and the notorious MySpace. The challenge is, can anyone prove to me that these sites are:

A) Unique. Meaning, what do they offer that no site does better or mimics?
B) Worth Time. Why do I want to browse people’s profiles all day?
C) Not A Fad. Has anyone actually ever got anything useful out of these sites?

Now I must admit I was once a member of Facebook. I looked through the site before I started my rant on it. I deleted my account because numerous wanted to add me as a friend. I hadn’t spoken to many in years, and the others I never spoke to when I knew them. I must also admit I am a member of Orkut, Google’s social networking site. I am a member because it’s owned an operated by Google, not much more reason than that. I log in maybe every two weeks, and discover nothing is new. Erica claims that I will be sucked into MySpace… albeit regretfully, but I claim that I will not. I stand firm in my beliefs. So, with that, is anyone up to my challenge?

Note: Once after deleting my facebook account, Bill Vedra told me that everyone got free pie, money, and pandas on the day that I deleted my account. Was that true?