Web Service Roundup #2

It’s time for another session of my web service roundup, so go ahead and giddy up.


Keep track to what your listening to, and get recommendations based what you’re listening to. Discover new music defined by your tastes. And find new people with the same music tastes. Audioscrobbler uses a plugin in your media player of choice, whether that be Windows Media Player, Winamp, iTunes, and many more. It keeps track of what you’re listening to, what’s played the most often, etc. Share it with the world. Also, after a while, you can listen your favorites from within your browser where ever you are with Last.FM.


Share those little video clips that your digital camera takes. 8 MB of space a week. You can tag and label your videos.


Do you take a lot of notes, or are you just trying to be more organized with your information? Well Backpack is a service that will keep notes, tasks, links, and reminders. You can have up to 5 pages for free, and 10 active reminders. The reminders can be sent via e-mail or SMS. This is a great service if you are working on a small project, or even large ones. Keep track of information online, so that you can access it anywhere. You can even share pages with everyone, or just a select workgroup to manage your project.

Ta-da List
Brought to you by the same people who made Backpack. Create free unlimted to-do lists. Multiple lists for multiple categories, such as things to do today, things to do before I die, and so on. Completely free. You can share these with the world too, or keep them private.


I’m bringing this one up again because I haven’t seen many of my friends sign up for it. Flickr is quite possibly the best in sharing photos online. You can set privacy on your photos, tag them, put them in sets, create groups, and much more. Free accounts allow for 200 photos, 20 MB a mnoth, 3 sets, and permanent storage of your photos. All photos are saved, but only your current 200 will show within Flickr. A pro account is only $24.95 now which is for 1 year and allows for 2 GB of space per month, unlimted photos, and sets. Great if you take a lot of photos and want to share them. So if you have a digital camera, this is almost a must.

Some of these you may already know about, other you may not. They are all worth taking a look at. So check them out. More to come so stay tuned.

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