Interesting… But Stupid… Maybe

I’m all over the Internet trying new things, and experimenting as I go. Here are some “projects” I’m working on.

Geotagging My Photos

I’ve started an account at which is linked to my Flickr account. I’ll occasionally “geotag” photos, which essientially means I’ll add latitude and longitude data of where I took them. I’m not going to do this for all photos, but maybe one out of a set so that they show up on a map, and then you can see other photos from the same place. It’s an interesting concept. And it’s using the Google Maps engine which I love. So now I can really show you where my favorite bridge is.
You can check out my map of photos here. I’m probably going to add a link on my website soon.

Video Blogging

I’m not too sure how far I’m going to go on this one, but I have a account and I can upload those little movies that every digital camera can take now. I’m going to try to take a video or two when I’m shooting photos to keep it updated. We’ll see how it goes from there. Plus, right now, you can see a video of Mark saying mean things to me. Check that out here.

Note: Make sure you have a video program such as Quicktime associated to play .avi within your browser. If you don’t know what that means… learn what it means.

That’s all for now folks. If you’d like to know more about those two things, and are interested in them, let me know.

(UPDATE 6.24.2005) – For those having problems watching some of my videos in Vimeo, watch this!

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