Sharing Is Caring

I thought I would write an entry in here for who ever was interested. There’s a new website up that is sponsored by the Internet Archive and Drupal. The site is called The premise is, they’ll host and promote your media. Pretty cool. They’ll host audio, video, images, and text for get this… free. I was quite impressed with the service. It’s still in Alpha testing which pretty much means, the best is yet to come.

I uploaded one of my videos, and was amazed at all the information you could put regarding the video. All to where it was recorded, to where it’s been previously hosted, and more. This is what I love about the Internet. Not all this “What Telephone Number Are You?” or “Which Character From Schindlers List Are You?” Crap.

I highly suggest checking it out if you want to promote something on the Internet and don’t have the space. Also they use Creative Commons Licensing, Public Domain, or traditional copyright licensing. which is an uber plus. You’ll also find some very cool works by other people. I suck compared to most of these people.
(my user name is jcherup)

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