Plaxo or Perish

I was told to heavily endorse Plaxo, which I’m going to do. Jarb’s got me involved in this program, and it kicks serious ass. To quote myself:

Peggusus: Thanks to Plaxo, I can sort through my priorities in the time it takes AOL users to realize their old mail hasn’t been archived!

It’s really great if you use Outlook (which you should)… it synchronizes Plaxo Online with your Outlook files so that you can access anything on one from the other. To put it in a personal context: when I lost my hard drive this summer, I lost all of my contact information with it. However, with Plaxo, all of that stuff would have been backed up in Plaxo Online and I would have been able to re-sync it in seconds. Goddamnit.

Okay, so I’m completely brainwashed by Jared/Google. Join the dark side.

Note By The Brainwasher/Editor: Plaxo is also available completely web based for those who don’t have Outlook.

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