February: The Shunned Month

I was thinking today. Why does February only have 28 days? I mean it honestly doesn’t make sense. Sure it gets the extra day during a leap year because it’s the most deprived month. Realistically, every month could have 30 days. 360/12=30 . So then there would be 5 extra days hanging around. Who decides where these months go? Well I would say that May-August should get the extra days because everyone loves Summer break, and December rightfully gets 31 days because it has to handle the holidays. But sadly this isn’t the case. If we were to be fair and give five months one extra day, then there are still two months hogging days from February. Who are the culprits? Well obviously I think October is one of them. I hate October with a passion. Halloween can be on October 30th, and that settles that case. January is also another day stealer. Who wants to be cold for 31 days? What does anyone like about January? NOTHING! So… March I have no quarrels with you my good month, but January and October need to hand over their 31st day to poor February. After this is done, February can still have the extra leap day.

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