Microsoft Finally Gets Something Right

Just yesterday Microsoft released an anti spyware program dubbed “AntiSpyware”… yeah. Anyhow after aquiring Giant Company Software Inc. Microsoft quickly went into action to get this program in beta. Microsoft is also going to release a free virus scan program next Tuesday. The anti spyware program is great in my tests, but even more so, if Microsoft releases a FREE virus scan program, there should be no unprotected computer. I do trust that Microsoft’s anti virus software, and spyware removal tools will be up to par if not better. They are under a close watch and will be criticized even more if these tools don’t do the trick.

If you are without a virus scan program, and a spyware removal program, you are basically an idiot that doesn’t deserve to live in this authors opinion. This is Microsoft’s way of saying, “yeah, Windows is prone to problems, but I think we’re going to start helping with that”… or something.

You can download the anti spyware program here.

Also, it has an active dectection unlike Ad-Aware, so it should remove spyware immediately. Yeah, I know… Microsoft’s evil, but this lessens their evilness… just a little bit.

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