I’ve known about this site for a while, but I recently looked in depth at the photo hosting site . The site features several different functions. An organizer, a labeling and comment system and much much more. If you are all about showing your digital photos online, I seriously recommend you give these guys the look over. They offer free accounts with 10 MB of upload storage a month. I’m thinking about investing in a paid account. They offer several features to blog your pictures as well including Livejournal, Blogger, and others. Check out my journal and you’ll see a display of 10 random photos. The also have cool widgets like this:

And for anyone who uses Blogger, you can use Picasa’s Hello Bloggerbot to upload an unlimited amount of photos to your blog. 2004 has been quite a year in the development of the coolness of the Internet. If you have any questions let me know. It would be nice to see other peoples photos.

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