Firefox… The Real Internet

This will be my last time saying this. For anyone who uses the Internet (you are reading this now).. and uses Internet Explorer… I despise you. Seriously. By now you should have at least heard of Firefox. Now I’m going to use a different style of argument this time. You are afraid. You are so stuck in your ways that you will not change. SCAREDY CAT!

Click it now.

Firefox is an EXTRAORDINARY browser. Internet Explorer is revered as CRAP by anyone in the computer field. I’m going to list a few features why Firefox is better.

  • Faster Loading
  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Less Prone to Viruses and Spyware
  • No Pop-ups

But seriously. If you don’t have it, I seriously hate you if you don’t get it after reading this. It will improve your Internet experience. Please do something for me now, and download it. Internet Explorer =Microsoft… and trust me Microsoft is evil.

Sigh… if I haven’t convinced you let me know.

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